Mark Lucas
IT Liaison (aka Moonbeam Handler)

Growing up, Mark watched with rapt attention as Apollo 8 gave human eyes a view of our planet floating in the inky blackness of space.  He cheered at the small black & white TV as Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon “in peace for all mankind”.  While life lead him down different paths, he is landed at the California Institute of Technology for the past 24 years. 

For Yuri’s night, Mark manages the underlying infrastructure that keeps Yuri’s Night connected across the globe. Dancing under the Shuttle Endeavour (after he completes his event duties), he’s excited each year to rub elbows with the best and brightest in the space industry. 

In his spare time, Mark is a Region Advisor in Toastmasters International.  It’s through the skills learned in Toastmasters that Mark received a Master of Science and subsequent job promotion. 

As the “Cookie Mom” in the family, Mark supports his Girl Scout, Emily and is the primary chauffeur for his Boy Scout, Xavier.  Along with his wife Karen, they enjoy traveling, hiking, and Geocaching.